My grandmother had a thing for red nail polish. I can still remember her begging me to file and varnish her toes, while I cringed at having to pull off those socks and shoes she wore everyday, even though she hardly left the house. Id carefully apply her favourite colour “hot stuff” to each toe, while she peaked over to make sure I was doing it right. She felt beautiful when her hair was combed and her nails were did, even though we both knew she hadn’t anywhere to go or much visitors. For the first year of her passing I wore red nails everyday just to keep her alive. Knowing she’s always watching me, I remember her laugh, and her endless stories of back home. Granny I love you and I miss you. RIP & Happy Birthday. 🎉❤️

I love places I can completely be myself. Only a few other women were topless at this beach, which was okay because the statement of unity was shared across the shore. // #100daysofhappiness / day 20 #shotbythehart #Chioggia #embraceyournakedness

🇮🇹 // I completely fell in love with Venice, or as the locals call it Venezia. I took half the day hanging out in the suburbs away from all the touristy hotels and lookout points. This beautiful place is home to many hard working down to earth people. I loved the smell, and the feeling of peace and smiles.

&& did I mention Ai Weiwei was here!!!



You dropped half of the cosplay joke! After slutty Ironman, she said, “Slutty Khal Drogo. I bet you dress like slutty Khal Drogo. If you dress like Khal Drogo you’re asking for it.”

Is there a non-slutty version of Khal Drogo you can dress as? If there were, why would you?

I’m not a comic girl but I like this!

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streetcar/train thing shall we dance?

No Kangaroos in #Austria // only got to spend a day in downtown #Vienna, but from the looks of it, definitely a place I could settle. Lots of culture! 


Accents - Denice Frohman

"Her tongue can’t lay itself down flat enough for the English language,
It got too much hip, too much bone,
Too much Conga, too much quatro to two step,
Got too many piano keys in between her teeth.
It got too much clave, too much hand clap,
Got too much salsa to sit still,
It’s being anxious, child, trying to make play-doh outta concrete,
English be too neat for her kinda wonderful.”


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Anonymous: Are you in Canada? How can you be contacted for a shoot?

I’m currently backpacking in Europe, won’t be back in Toronto til Christmas.