You dropped half of the cosplay joke! After slutty Ironman, she said, “Slutty Khal Drogo. I bet you dress like slutty Khal Drogo. If you dress like Khal Drogo you’re asking for it.”

Is there a non-slutty version of Khal Drogo you can dress as? If there were, why would you?

I’m not a comic girl but I like this!

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streetcar/train thing shall we dance?

No Kangaroos in #Austria // only got to spend a day in downtown #Vienna, but from the looks of it, definitely a place I could settle. Lots of culture! 


Accents - Denice Frohman

"Her tongue can’t lay itself down flat enough for the English language,
It got too much hip, too much bone,
Too much Conga, too much quatro to two step,
Got too many piano keys in between her teeth.
It got too much clave, too much hand clap,
Got too much salsa to sit still,
It’s being anxious, child, trying to make play-doh outta concrete,
English be too neat for her kinda wonderful.”


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Anonymous: Are you in Canada? How can you be contacted for a shoot?

I’m currently backpacking in Europe, won’t be back in Toronto til Christmas.

Joy Ride // when life takes me to places I had no intention of going, I try to remember to have fun along the way. The journey never ends, make it a positive one. #100daysofhappiness / day 13

Deadly Weapons // #100daysofhappiness / day 12 #embraceyournakedness #shotbythehart